Welcome to Willmore City/Drake Park Historic District.  The 1st designated historic district of Long Beach, California!




Downtown by Bike

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Thank You Port of Long Beach


Thank you to our friends at the Port of Long Beach for scheduling the WCHA boat ride during the hottest day of the year.

Joined by new residents and old friends, Mario Gonzalez and Jocelin Padilla from the Community Relations Department of POLB gave us a bit of Port history, as well as updates on the Desmond Thomas Bridge, the Middle Harbor Project, and facts and figures about this huge economic engine


Dinner and beverages were provided, a trivia contest with POLB swag took place, and we all had a
cool time out on the water. An impressive sight at any time, seeing the Queen Mary and all the work-
ings of the Port lit up was wonderful. We appreciate the Port being such a good neighbor.

They have supported the Willmore Heritage Garden and Winter in Willmore


We look forward to a continued productive partnership.






Visit the Willmore Heritage Garden and see the Restored Jergins Pillars!


This summer we celebrated the completion of the Jergins Pillar Project, located at the Willmore Heritage Garden.  The Jergins Pillar Project is the adaptive re-use of historic terra-cotta facade elements from the demolished Jergins Trust Building, that was originally located on the southeadt corner of Ocean Boulvard and Pine Avenue.  They are now a beautiful formal entryway into the future Drake/Chavez Greenbelt.

Thank you to everyone, community partners and supporters who came to celebrate the completion of the installation and restoration of the Jergins Trust Pillars in the Willmore Heritage Garden. We owe a debt to many, many people for their dedication and belief in both these projects. Thanks especially to the WCHA Board for all their hard work and participation throughout both projects: Vice President Michelle Muniz, Treasurer Jana Shields, Secretary Patty Lund, Web Communications, Emily Kiwa Tanaka, Community Outreach Jim Danno and newest member, Hulean Tyler, and our honorary board members who are always there: Ernie Villa and B Terhune Beebe!

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To see pictures of the restoration and installation process please visit our facebook photos page. https://www.facebook.com/Willmorecity/photos

PLACE:  Willmore Heritage Garden – West 7th Street & Maine Avenue 90813


Congratulations to the Willmore Enterprise, Kathleen Irvine – Editor & Chief,  and all the contributing writers for winning the TOP prize (Gold award) in the  Neighborhoods, USA (NUSA) Newsletter Competition. This competition acknowledges excellence in neighborhood newsletters — a vital communication tool that can often determine a neighborhood’s success.  The competition features three categories — neighborhood organizations, government entity and nonprofit organization or agency — with gold, silver and bronze level awards.  Each entry was evaluated by a jury panel using a list of criteria including content, lay-out, and overall appearance.

Send your address information to  neighbors@willmorecity.org and we will send you a copy of next months Willmore Enterprise in the mail.


We are honored and proud to have won first place in Neighborhoods, USA’s Neighborhood of the Year Award 2010 national competition in the category of Physical Revitalization – Single Neighborhood.

The project titled, “Willmore School House, On the Move” saved a 106-year old house from demolition, moved and restored it, helped a local family buy it and removed two blighted, vacant lots from the neighborhood.  This project would not have been possible without the thousands of hours of volunteer labor donated by WCHA members, neighbors, and friends.  We thank all of  you for your continued time, effort, and generous support to make this project a true success.

You can view the presentation on shared in Arkansas this summer on our Facebook page, and here is an additional link to the official press-release.