S.L.A.M. – Season of Live Arts & Music


We have another exciting year of SLAM

This year will be a mini version….. We hope that you will be able to attend one or all three of our Willmore SLAM 2017 events. These FREE events are due to the generosity of many entities, businesses, and community members. Thank you thus far to Supervisor Janice Hahn, Mayor Robert Garcia, 1st District Councilwoman Lena Gonzalez, Long Beach Port, and Long Beach Symphony Love attending? Please consider donating to SLAM so that we can continue to present these events to our community.





We are so excited to start Summer Programming at

The Amphitheater at Cesar Chavez Park!

 The grants that we obtained (Knight Foundation and Walmart) were given to us so that we could provide free arts entertainment to, specifically our under served area, especially the children, but also to cross-pollinate throughout the City,  showcasing various aspects of the performing arts and music.  By bringing art and culture to the neighborhood in which we live, it will make these important aspects of life much more accessible to children and residents.


Enjoy the first event of the WCHA S.L.A.M—Season of Live Arts and Music

We welcome CAMS – the young peoples dance troupe from California Academy of Arts and Science, accompanied by the Jazz Angels Musicians—a nonprofit organization that teaches students ages 11 to 17 years to play this American art form..

Flyer Music