Volunteers Needed, Ride the last Red Car to LB, Meeting Reminders, State of the 1st District Invite, & Support the Downtown Plan


Volunteers needed!!

Long Beach Heritage has been working with City staff to ensure all historically significant properties are included in the City’s Downtown Plan, EIR.

We are very close to the end of this project, however, we need help in conducting the remaining property surveys.

This special workshop will train volunteers in the basics of surveying a property for historic and architectural value using online resources and windshield survey techniques.

WHEN: Sunday, 10/16, from 11-1:00

WHERE: Home of Wendy Harn, 3214 E. 2nd Street, Long Beach, CA 90803

TRAINER: Maureen Neeley 

RSVP Wendy by Saturday, 10/15

email WendyHarn@msn.com

Phone 562-305-3876

Help make a lasting contribution to  preservation in Long Beach and LBH!

Wendy, Vice President of Advocacy for Long Beach Heritage


Currently there are 228 people who ‘like’ Willmore Heritage Association on facebook.  On this platform we can quickly post event information, upload pretty photos, ask neighbors if they want to carpool, and share exciting musings from the inter-web.   Here’s a video shared on the WCHA facebook page.  Enjoy a  journey to the past from Downtown Los Angeles to Downtown Long Beach via the last Red Car in April 1961.

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Code Enforcement Meeting

This meeting gives neighbors a platform to report code violations they observe occurring in the Willmore City / Drake Park Historic District and the West End neighborhoods with a City of Long Beach Code Enforcement representative.

PLACE: Drake Park Community Center, 951 Maine Ave. 90813

DATE:  Tuesday, October 18, 2011

TIME: 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm


Monthly Community Meeting: First one at the Drake Park Community Center

Join us for the first WCHA Monthly Meeting at Drake Park Community Center.    Mario Gonzalez from the Port of Long Beach will join us to discuss all things POLB.  He will share photos and personally invite you to the “Let’s Talk Port” series.

 Visit www.polb.com/community for additional information about “Let’s Talk Port” series.

PLACE: Drake Park Community Center, 951 Maine Ave. 90813

DATE:  Tuesday, October 18, 2011

TIME: 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm


You and yours are cordially invited to the


Support Long Beach’s Downtown Plan

The future of Downtown Long Beach needs your help! Please “like” and share the plan with others to show your support for the continued development of our Downtown.  Visit www.supportdowntownlb.com for additional information.

Over the past several years a plan has been in development to set quality standards for private development in Downtown and ensure that each neighborhood’s character stays in tack while setting a vision for a vibrant environment. Unfortunately, over the past year or so specific groups have been trying modify the proposed document into something it is not – a document about affordable housing and employment requirements. Housing and employment are address and should be addressed at the citywide level; see the “Housing” element in the city’s general plan –http://www.lbds.info/planning/advance_planning/general_plan.asp.

Allowing the conversation to get derailed will delay the progress for our Downtown in an already struggling economy. Please let’s get the conversation back on track. Again, show your support for the proposed Downtown Plan by “liking” the Facebook page and forwarding the page to others and asking for their support. Thanks!


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