Special City Council meeting regarding Downtown LB & Willmore – Tuesday, Nov 9 at 3:30 PM

Dear Willmore City / Drake Park resident, neighbor, and friend:
The Willmore City Heritage Association and Downtown Residential Council  http://longbeachdrc.com/ is in support of approving and implementing the Downtown Community Plan www.lbds.info/planning/advance_planning/downtown_community_plan.
  • We invite you to attend tomorrow’s special City Council meeting Tuesday at 3:30 . Please help spread the word. This will be a difficult time for people to attend but we are seeking representatives to speak on residents’ behalf. Draft agenda:  http://longbeach.legistar.com/MeetingDetail.aspx?ID=125898&GUID=108C2C80-4602-409F-9BD4-241D9A919451&Options=info|&Search=
  • Show your support for Willmore by wearing your Willmore City T-shirts.  If you need one for tomorrow’s meeting, please reply to this email.
  • The Downtown Community Plan is something in which we, as residents, have been very involved. We’ve given our input. It is not perfect,  don’t know if it could ever be with so many interested parties, but it is a good start . What is most important is that it is implemented.
  • If you are unable to attend and would like to show your support for the Downtown Community Plan, visit www.supportdowntownlb.com.
  • We understand challengers are pushing for affordable housing. It seems this issue should be address across the whole city, not in a discussion focused on downtown. Also the Downtown Community Plan is not intended to address things like affordable housing, it gives developers guidance.  If you would like information on affordable housing in Long Beach please visit Housing Authority of the City of Long Beach (HACLB) http://www.longbeach.gov/health/housing/
  • Delaying the plan will cost the city money, cost our city staff valuable time will delay developers and businesses, and will decrease residential confidence in the city.
  • The two City Council representatives of the Downtown area are in support of the Downtown Community Plan. Let’s support our reps and help them get something done. What’s wonderful about Long Beach is that our City officials listen to the representatives (residents, business owners, and neighbors) of areas in question.

Thanks for your time and continued support.


The Willmore City Heritage Association

www.willmorecity.org | neighbors@willmorecity.org

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