If you are joining for the first time or would like to renew an existing membership, please email the completed document to the, or print it and mail to: P.O. Box 688 Long Beach, CA 90801

Application to Join (Word document) (PDF)



 WCHA Board Members 

Kathleen Irvine, President & Newsletter Editor

(562) 342-6146

Jenny Sersion, Vice President & Web Communications

(310) 710-8456

Hulean Tyler, Treasurer

(562) 342-6146

Patty Lund,  Secretary

(562) 435-9606

Jim Danno, Community Outreach

(818) 266-7110

Isaac Salgado, Board Member

(562) 972-9778

Terry Beebe, Board Member

WCHA Voice Mail                                (562) 659-9455

1st District Council Office                 (562) 570-6919